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We are accepting orders for delivery of seasoned hardwood firewood.  Call today for pricing.  Discount available for multiple cords




 We are now preparing for fall cleanups.  Call or email us today for your free quote.  Refer a friend and take advantage of our discount coupon.  Click Here for your coupon




Now is the time to replace old over grown summer planting with bright beautiful fall flowers such as Chrysanthemums, red salvia, white alyssum to name a few. 


We are looking for experienced lawn care technicians.  Valid drivers license a must.

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Trees & Shrubs


We offer a balanced ornamental fertilizer including Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other essential plant nutrients that are applied in granular form onto the root zone soil around each plant. The benefits of well-fertilized ornamentals include improved growth, color and flowering. Healthier, stronger plants are also better able to withstand attacks from damaging insect or disease pests and adverse weather conditions such as summer drought and winter cold.


The goal of proper fertilization is to promote stronger healthier plants that will thrive and survive any adverse weather conditions or minor insect or disease problems. Fertilization over time will promote growth in plant size, which is desirable for most plants in a proper location. Some plants, however, must have their size and shape controlled to maintain a natural, but conforming appearance. Examples would be in front of the house so plants don’t block windows, or in shrub beds that may get too crowded.


Adding mulch to shrub beds has benefits beyond improving their appearance. Along with reducing the weed population, a proper depth of mulch cover shades the soil to help it maintain its moisture longer. This can greatly help the plants get through drought periods. It is important that mulch not be too deep. 2-3” is best, if it gets too deep, it ends up soaking up all the rain preventing it from getting to the soil where its needed.

Bed Maintenance

Fairfield County Landscaping's bed and weed maintenance services will keep your beds looking as good as the day they were installed. We'll remove any debris and weeds that exist in your landscape beds and treat them with with a special weed control system that will keep your beds free of weeds throughout the season.


We are under way with our spring clean ups. Call today for your free no obligation quote.

Spring Tips

Its best to plant your annual flowers after Mothers day to prevent damage from unexpected frost. Here are some watering tips to keep your garden looking great:

  1. When watering, focus on the roots.
  2. Water only when needed.
  3. Water deeply and thoroughly.
  4. Water in the morning.

If you have any questions about maintaining a beautiful garden, Please give us a call.


We are looking for experienced lawn care technicians.  Valid drivers license a must.

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